Our Wedding Day Nov6,2009
My name is Robert McCartney,I am a Disciple of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST and a grateful recovering addict. I spent 30 yrs in active addiction before being set free in CHRIST. My Wife ,Cathy Ann McCartney is also a disciple and a Woman of GOD in recovery.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of GOD given us to know GOD , Who HE is and What he desires from us .. HIS Creation. We believe that JESUS CHRIST is the Messiah, The resurrected son of GOD who Died for us and was resurrected on the third day to Sit at the right hand of the Father. We believe the HOLY SPIRIT to be the one and true spirit of the living GOD given us by CHRIST to lead us, comfort us, and give us understanding.

We also believe that the Twelve steps are the practical application of GODS holy word. Understanding this and applying the principles brings us to deeper and greater walk with the KING of KINGS, JESUS CHRIST.   We believe that by providing Fellowship in recovery,  Restoration to GOD and His Family Edification and encouragement in CHRIST JESUS, Education about addiction and other compulsive behaviors(THOSE SINS THAT SO EASILY BESET US), And Dedicated Service to others ,that we are full filling the Great Commission to make DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS TEACHING THEM IN THE WAYS OF THE LORD. We also believe that service to others is so clearly set forth in Matthew 25 in the parable of the Sheep and the Goats. Hence the name FREED Ministries


The Mission of Freed Ministries is to provide the basic resources for those within and outside the body of CHRIST to come to understand who and what we are and how to live our lives consistent with the WORD OF GOD. We couple recovery meetings (ALL OF THEM NOT JUST CHRISTIAN ), with Christ centered rehab opportunity's, 1 on 1 Discipleship in the Steps and the word of GOD and how to apply it to our lives. We also engage those in recovery to serve others through Local service opportunities like food pantry's, meetings, fund raising and meeting the needs of others less fortunate than ourselves. We hope to begin the work on a safe house in the Future that those that want to get Recovery have a place to go until a bed becomes available at one of our partnered services. WE want people to be FREE IN CHRIST and to be able to perform this same service of love to others.

May the FULLNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST rest on you!!!!!!!!!